New pages "Themes" and "Testimonies" were created. In the testimonies page. the beginning part of Mr' M's testimony is presented. he said he heard the sound of fighters and helicopters flying around the crash site at 9pm, only 2 hours after the crash, . The testimony is to be continued.


According to the governmental official report, the blow of rear pressure bulkhead was concluded to be the cause of JAL123 crash. The APU air intake duct floating on the Sagami bay was listed as one of the evidences of the blow above the bay. But, is it possible such a big mass of metal was floating on the sea? 


A new page "Location" was created. The detailed information of the crash point is explained.


In the latest slide, the picture of SANYO digital wrist watch collected in the crash site is shown.A military expert said digital wrist watches made in Japan were officially adopted by US Air Force in 80's. The measurement of wrist looks more than 25 centimeters (10 inches), it is much longer than average Japanese male's. If the wrist watch was worn by a crew of USAF plane, it is very possible that one or more US soldiers were also killed in the crash site.


In the latest slides, the identity of the super light weight pieces are revealed. It must be parts of F-117 stealth fighter that had been probably manufactured in Japan at that time and took off somewhere inside Japan to the crash site under special mission.


- 2 new slides added to JAL123 slideshow. In the latest slides, pictures of unidentified super light weight plastic pieces are shown.
- "Links",  "About Us" and "Blog"  pages were newly created.